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Getting your own Website or Brand Just Got Easy

Branding - Marketing - Websites

We combine digital craftsmanship with innovative thinking to deliver winning digital solutions. We’ve been crafting beautiful websites, launching stunning brands and making clients happy for years.

The Process

You deserve to know what to expect. We stay completely transparent throughout the entire process so that getting your own website, mobile app, video, and visual brand is easy. Really easy.

Discovery Phase

Step 1

Research & Analyze

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✓ Study your Company

✓ Understand your Needs

✓ Understand your End Users & Targets

✓ Set Project Goals & Priorities

Step 2

Concept & Sketch

Now that we've identified your project goals, it's time to draw out your vision. For design projects (websites, logo, branding kits...) this means developing the concept sketches based on your feedback. For video projects it means creating the storyboard for your video concepts. For marketing projects it means researching and analyzing your keyword strategy, competitors, and ROI potential to put together a custom plan for your business.

Develop Concept Sketches (using UI/UX Principles)

✓ Refine Concepts Further

✓ or Refine Marketing Strategy

✓ Get Approval from Project Stakeholders

Wire-Frame Phase
Development Phase

Step 3

Build & Integrate

Now that we have your blessing and feedback on our initial concept sketches or go-to-market strategy, it's time to get to work building, coding, designing and implementing with precision and craft. This part is mission critical and we aim to exceed your expectations - every time.

Gather stakeholder feedback of Concept Wireframes

✓ SProgrammers Code

✓ Designers Develop Graphic Deliverables

✓ Marketing Team Implements Ad or SEO Strategy

✓ Videographers Film & Edit

Step 4

Implement & Test

This is where most agencies fail (by not even including this phase). It's just not enough to deliver a great design, website, campaign, video or app. Gladlii doesn't leave you in the lurch. All of our projects come with an extended revision period. This is the time to test out our implementation, check every link and every pixel on every device. Correct what's not working as planned. Find new opportunities to exceed expectations, and make sure you're covered.

Execute on the Deliverables

✓ Launch & Release

✓ QA Test across Devices & Browsers for Compatibility, etc

✓ Evaluate Results according to Initial List of Requirements

Quality Assurance Phase

See our Process in Action

These are quick, easy videos that show you our process for your unique project time. It's fast and hopefully very helpful.

Our Graphic Design Process

Our Website Design Process

Our Video Creation Process

Get in Touch

Say hello. It's only hard because right now we're strangers. Reach out and we'll answer your questions, and talk about your ideas. Cool.


Our Locations

Riverside / Corona Office
4097 Trail Creek Rd.
Riverside, CA. 92505

Temecula Office
41593 Winchester Rd
Temecula, CA 92590


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Phone Contact

(844) 575 8166 (Ph)
(215) 318-7991 (Fax)
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